Monday, 14 December 2009

December 14th Onwards

We had a good weekend, on Saturday all the day one's managed to fly from the lower slope of Simon Fell. Sunday was spent with flyers ground handling practice at Cow Close Fell.

This week looks unsettled, I will blog if the weather looks favourable.


  1. Dean
    I had a good time on Sunday despite the cold weather and felt that even though we didn’t get to fly I felt I learn't a lot in managing and gaining confidence on the controls whlist ground handling , even watching you as you 'walked' your glider up the hill and during your flight listening to the others describe what you were doing was valuable.
    I am Available this Sunday 20th and all the week after if the weather bucks up

  2. Thanks Ian. As you mentioned it's not all about flying. Everyone made a noticable improvement in their ground handling. This will help massively when we get soaring conditions.