Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tow Scar on Saturday 6th February 2010

We had a great day at Tow Scar on Saturday in the glorious February sunshine. David, Ian and Billy got in lots of top-to-bottoms and we have a few decent photos!

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  1. Great day out -really enjoyed it-can't wait for the next flying day -Dean guided me competently through my first proper flights and Dave was impressed with his new Nova ion. the view from the top was surreal as the mist rolled in and out of the valley below, Dean and Dave with their good weather sense explained what was happening, so even while we waited for the conditions to be right I learned a lot about evaluating the conditions -just hope I can remember it all an old friend of Dean's -called Pete turned up and helped out and again gave us the benefit of his experience. A pity Sunday was a no go but that's how it goes