Friday, 18 June 2010

Saturday 19th June 2010 Onwards

Saturday windy. Sunday a chance. At the moment looks lighter winds from Monday onwards.

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  1. I flew Saturday up Winter hill.
    Cold Northerly air, hot Sun, strongly thermic AND cloud bars going East/West: WAVE!

    I was stupid, stupid, stupid.
    Could not get down. Violent conditions. Made the Ra collapse three times. One was a frontal that slammed the wing back followed by weightlessness. We were being slammed and banged about like a pea in a whistle. It was evil!

    Near dusk, I had to check every single cell, line and stitch. Love that wing. If it wasn't for such a good feedback for what it was doing and obedience to my input I would of been in far worse trouble.

    Andy (exocet)