Monday, 12 December 2011

Video: Learning to paraglide from first flight to thermals

Perfect for beginners, this new film captures the learning process and reveals what it’s like to learn to fly a paraglider
Lena Kruckenberg learning to paraglide
Lena Kruckenberg learning to paraglide
Thinking of learning to fly a paraglider?
German pilot and film maker Kerim Jasperson spent the summer of 2011 filming his girlfriend as she went through the initial stages of training.
The result, Flying is Freedom, is a unique and personal 24-minute film which sees Lena Kruckenberg go from nervous new pilot to launching solo from the famous Tegelberg in Bavaria and earning her licence.

The film is a perfect introduction to the sport for anyone who wants to find out more about learning to fly paragliders.
In German it has English subtitles – click on the CC logo on the frame in YouTube to make the subtitles appear.
Kerim is an established short-filmmaker: he made the five-minute Rush Hour Dream, which caught the imagination of pilots and film festival audiences around the world last year.

Rush Hour Dream

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