Monday, 14 May 2012

Amazing Flights on the Nova Mentor 2 & Ion 2

257km FAI triangle with Mentor2, 223km FAI triangle with Ion2 (14.05.2012)

Das 257km FAI Dreieck von Johann Tockner

Several Nova-pilots made the most of the great weather on Thursday and Friday last week and to complete some huge flights. 

Johann Tockner flew a 257km FAI triangle with his Mentor 2, and beat the existing record for EN-B gliders (Robert Muggli, Mentor 2) by 17 kilometres.

But even without Johann Tockners flight, the record would have been broken. Because there were three more Mentor2 pilots who flew more than 240km:
Michael Pohl (246km FAI), Wolfgang Bernhard (245km FAI), and Johann Kronberger (245km FAI)

Mario Mayer (222km FAI) exceeds the 200km FAI mark as well quite easily. This year only Mentor2 pilots were able to fly FAI triangles with more than 200km in the standard-class. (EN-A and EN-B) 

Together with Mauro Pianaro (213km, Factor2) and Raul Moras (243km, Triton) there were seven  pilots who flew more than 200km FAI-triangles on Thursday. 

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